Vézzo, is the first and only beard combing ring!

It’s not only ring, but it’s not only comb. It’s only a habit, also write in italian: vézzo s. m. [lat. vĭtium «vizio, difetto»; cfr. l’allotropo vizio].

The Made in Italy style and an original idea, developed by an artisan / designer who, in his laboratory (digital, but not too much), creates objects that can anticipate trends. When it is simply a ring, Vézzo can embellish your hand; if you turn it around, it becomes a small comb for your beard and moustache.

Vezzo Spot from Laboratorio creativo Geppetto on Vimeo.

The Vézzo ring contains:

The beard ring has no side effects, not even in case of constant administration.
Gently running your hand on your beard and moustaches with Vézzo, in order to caress them with a meditating and relaxing gesture, but also to help yourself get concentrated.

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