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Shark Killer Brondy, a shaving and after shave cream.

We are there! missing a few days at Christmas, and for those who still do not know what to give to his favorite bum, here is a nice gift idea. They are always fantastic the duo formed by Fabio Pellegrino and Gianluca Comella, founders of Shark Killer, a new brand Made in Italy for the men’s...

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Tonsor & Cie, Gentlemen’s Social Club

“Du style & des bonnes manières“, so style & good manners. A unique place dedicated to man, a timeless experience combining modernity and tradition. Tonsor & Cie, a Gentlemen’s Social Club made in France, half barber shop and half concept store. In this concept store on Toulouse, you will find a very warm decor with staff...

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Vézzo, new gentlemen generation.

Vézzo, is the first and only beard combing ring! It’s not only ring, but it’s not only comb. It’s only a habit, also write in italian: vézzo s. m. [lat. vĭtium «vizio, difetto»; cfr. l’allotropo vizio]. The Made in Italy style and an original idea, developed by an artisan / designer who, in his laboratory (digital, but not too much),...

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The Beard Doctor, will it be to take care of your beard.

A beard fragrance, created in London but with Italian roots, in the ancient city of Bassano del Grappa, already famous for the homonymous distillates. A very practical and elegant, with an unusual packaging for cosmetic products and a “the pen” to carry with you in a pocket. A fragrance that not only has the ambition...

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To shave or not to shave?

Maybe a modern man’s lifestyle dilemma. The beard feature that has been synonymous whit masculinity for centuries, has now become a way of life choice. In this era, facial hair is accepted as fashion dictact. So, we live in a world in which the principles of beard care matter and we have a natural attitude...

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