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The star is Brurodol!

You can read about him here!

Top 10 Questions and Best Answers to a beard lover.

  1. What’s your Name (On Instagram)
  2. Seriously, what’s your name?
    Bruno Rodrigues
  3. Age
  4. Where are you from?
  5. Where are you going?
    If I understand correctly, I intend to know the world!
  6. What are you inspiring?
    I inspire men who want to take care of health, who want to dress well and of course cultivate the big beard.
  7. Your secret vice?
    Beard oil.
  8. Three things you would never swear to?
    For my son, for the throne, and for my beard.
  9. What’s the stupid thing you did?
  10. If I tell you “beard”, what do you think of?
    It’s part of me, it defines me!

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