Du style & des bonnes manières“, so style & good manners. A unique place dedicated to man, a timeless experience combining modernity and tradition.

Tonsor & Cie, a Gentlemen’s Social Club made in France, half barber shop and half concept store.

In this concept store on Toulouse, you will find a very warm decor with staff very professional and also a barber brigade ready to operate with your beard and mustache. The shop ready to wear but also small gadgets very original. Today, we have tried for you some products.






Tonsor & Cie, “Hair Tonic”
Hair tonic lotion, Citrus perfume, packaged in a bottle with a cap of 200ml.





Tonsor & Cie Baume À Barbe “Orient”
A beard balm composed of natural ingredients (shea butter, copra, avocado, beeswax, vitamin E). Packaged in a cylindrical steel box with a vintage spirit (50ml).






Tonsor & Cie Huile À Barbe “Ice”
A beard oil scented dry, based on oil of Coprah (50ml).

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